Schedule Homeopathy Consultation

* 24 Hour cancellation policy or $50.00 fee


$200 / Initial 2 hr consultation

$50 / Follow Ups



Usually refers to an accident, injury or trauma, and include shock, burns, puncture wounds, fractures, sprains, allergic reactions,, cuts, bites, etc.


Situations and illnesses that are self-liminting such as :  Common cold, measles, sinutitis, strep throat, stage fright,  etc.


Homeopathic medicine that addresses the whole person picture,  Including their mental, emotional and Physical levels and family history. Treat addictions.


The driving inward of dis ease.  There is a general deterioration in health and will being at the same time.  Cancer, dementia  and such.

mens health

Treat prostatitis, enlarged prostate, prostate tumors, and impotence

woman's health

MS menopausal symptoms, painful or prolonged periods, fibroids, ovarian cysts, pregnancy, labor and nursing problems, post partum depression, and breast infections.

children's health

Asthma, parasites, chronic ear and upper respiratory infections,


The same principles applying to people in homeopathy also applies to animals.  We must change our focus from individual symptoms to an awareness of the whole animal and their innate ability to heal.

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