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why Structural Integration?

Re-align and re-balance the body with Structural Integration Massage in Sedona, AZ.

improve posture

Poor posture, repetitious movement, physical and emotional stress can compromise muscular connective tissue. Structural Integration improves the alignment of your skeletal system.

relieve chronic pain

Structural Integration releases painful compression associated with backaches, tension headaches and neck pain.

emotional well being

Relieve chronic stress that is affecting your professional and personal life.

What People say

Client reviews

"I had my first ever yoga class with Jude, and over a three month period felt my fitness improve. But more importantly, my awareness of my whole mind-body-spirit increased through Jude's teaching of yoga, yoga philosophy, and mindful awareness. Jude also helped me to find clarity through spiritual readings, in which she was spot on about elements of my family's history and helped me to connect to my spirit guides. Meeting Jude through yoga changed the course of my life and put me back on my spiritual path! I can't thank her enough for helping me to grow 'roots and wings' for my life journey. "


Melissa Judes readings are a wonderful balance of past, present and future.  She guided me on issues from the past I needed to let go of, answered questions I had about the present ( that I didnt have to ask) , and informed me of important information about my future. Always letting me know I have the power to create my destiny. Her reading was informative down to the details of knowing names and places. Everthing she told me about the resent future manafested.  She also informed me on health issues that a family member had, and led to his recovery. When people ask me who is the best reader I know, I answer "Melissa Jude!"


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Massage Melissa Jude Luca

Jude has extensive knowledge of the structure of the body. She is a certified and licensed massage practitioner and teacher of Structural Integration (Structural Integration Massage) spanning 15 years.  Jude is also a certified yoga instructor, and a certified cupping therapist.  She specializes in Homeopathy.


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