Customized Just For You



Manzanita trees and shrubs are native to western North America and Mexico. Unlike most trees, which have rough furrowed bark, Manzanita bark is both smooth and unique in the twisted shapes they grow. Each tree and its deva (the nature spirit that helps it grow) ask and rejoice in being decorated and celebrated after their growth span has reached its transition.

Jude is a medicine woman and in communication with the devas/nature spirits. She hand picks these beautiful pieces that call to her while hiking in Sedona, Arizona and surrounding native areas like Utah and California. According to the personality of the piece, Jude creates beautiful colors and additions for the energy of that piece.

Some people call them Prayer trees and medicine sticks.  Manzadivas are made for hanging blessings at weddings, funerals, baby showers or any celabration and pass overs. If you would like a Manzanita piece created special for you or a loved one, contact me at sedonavisionexchange@gmail.com

I will meditate on your energy as I collect the wood and create a tailored piece unique for your vision!


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